October 14, 2008, Category: Blogs

A Shot of Valium

I first saw this last year. I don’t care how stressed, forlorn, or down I might be…every time I watch it my body is drained of tension. It puts the world right for me. Sometimes, the good guys do win and crazy dreams do come true.

It’s strange that a year later the same type of thing happened on “America’s Got Talent” with Neal Boyd (a similar story and performance). I also think it’s kind of lame that Amanda referred to Paul Potts as a lump of coal about to become a diamond…and a frog ready to turn into a prince. Quite an arrogant/judgemental thing to say to another person. But regardless, this clip is powerful.

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One thought on “A Shot of Valium

  • By Stacey - Reply

    Wow, that was good! I had to watch it twice, I liked it! I hope all is well with you and your family, I haven’t seen you forEVER! -Your coz Stacey

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