January 29, 2009, Category: Blogs, Musings

And I thought I’ve had Rough Times…

I get down on life sometimes. My brother just told me about his former co-worker and I feel lame for even thinking I’ve had it rough.

Two years ago his friend was making 90K a year as an civil engineer and life was good. Then his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then the business folded and he found himself unemployed. To keep treatment for his wife, they have to come up with $1100 per month for COBRA insurance. They can’t switch insurance companies because nobody wants to pick up a client with terminal cancer. Things are not looking good for his wife, the Doctors are close to giving her X amount of days. He is still looking for work despite dropping his target salary to less than half of what he previously earned. They have five kids ranging from 9-19, the oldest of which is on a two year mission for his church.

I’ve heard a lot of hardship stories, but it that one hits pretty deep.

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One thought on “And I thought I’ve had Rough Times…

  • By Kim N - Reply

    That is so heartbreaking. I worked with her in primary before I got married and she is a great lady. I feel so sorry for their family. It is definitely a lesson on humility and gratitude.

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