August 10, 2008, Category: Blogs

Associated Press Blows Fallen Arch Story

800px-Landscape_Arch_in_Arches_National_Park CNN headlined this story on their front page. It is about the fall of Wall Arch, one of the famous arches in Utah. The article states, "it’s the first collapse of a major arch in the park since nearby Landscape Arch fell in 1991." As far as I know, Landscape Arch is still standing, only piece fell in 1991. From the picture, it looks like it could go at any time…but as for now, it’s still there. The Associated Press didn’t do their research. Or maybe there has there been a cover up. The arch really fell in 1991 but using smoke and mirrors, the park rangers have convinced us it is still stands so they wouldn’t lose tourism…hmmmm…

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2 thoughts on “Associated Press Blows Fallen Arch Story

  • By Grandma Henke - Reply

    I felt bad when I saw that picture … It is good there were no people around … It died all alone.

  • By Warren - Reply

    I emailed the Arches National Park and received the following:

    Thank you for your email. Yes, it is true, they are reporting faulty information. Landscape Arch is still standing. A large slab broke off from underneath the arch in 1991.
    Arches National Park Information

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