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Circular Yummies

game of life I’ve had to work out of town for the past two weeks. Today is the first day of summer for the kids, so I brought them with me this week. Although they are well behaved teenagers, they still like to make noise and have some fun on occasion; nothing wrong with that as long as it’s not in the hotel. So before we went in to the lobby, I told them to be professional while we were here. No running around, being loud…that sort of thing. I also told them there were cookies in the lobby and they could help themselves.

Mikayla responded in her professional adult voice, “Excuse me, but may I enjoy one of your circular yummies?”

We played the game of life and the kids ate circular yummies all night. Aubree got her Ph.D. right off the bat and eventually won the game with over $5,000,000 in her bank account, mansions, cars…the whole nine yards. But she regretted not having kids. She was pretty bummed because she had been trying for her last six or seven turns to get kids and just kept missing the spaces she needed. In the end, she ran out of time and said she would trade her 5 million for children if she could. Poor girl.

Mikayla bypassed college and popped out three kids right off the bat. She was in major debt and living in a trailer for a while and I wondered where I had gone wrong as a parent. She even had to move in with her sister for a while although Aubs said she couldn’t bring her bum husband along. Mikayla sacrificed, went back to school, got her degree, and paid off her loans. Even the marriage therapy seemed to be helping and things were looking good until she took her meager savings and bought a million dollar mansion. The lowpoint for her came when Aubs gave her a playful nudge and knocked her backwards off the bed. She vanished from the bed and thudded to the floor and had tears both from laughing and from hurting hurt her armpit. We never figured out how she managed an armpit injury.

Curtis jumped immediately into fashion modeling and made a quick $500,000 and traveled the world on his fame and fortune. He came home with a cute little foreign girl and three kids. We don’t know the whole story, but they seemed happy and get along well with the family. I know there is a story behind it though but he didn’t want to seem to talk about it. Maybe someday…

I had no idea the game of Life took so long. We got to bed a lot later than I had planned. The version of the game we played was really fun; it comes with a little electronic device and you all have a credit card that you swipe when it’s your turn. It tracks all your money, bills, family expenses, happiness. Tinkering with a little electronic gadget every turn and managing your life is perfect for a crew of kids that grew up on The Sims, Giga Pets, and gaming consoles.

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2 thoughts on “Circular Yummies

  • By Curtis - Reply

    Oh, dad. You forgot to say how you were on a skateboard your whole life… with a family… hehe… how difficult. 🙂

  • By Kim N - Reply

    I loved this game as a kid! We will have to play it when I come up next.

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