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Dad, the Internet is down!

I realized as a teenager that I would ever be as selfless as my dad. One night after coming in well past dinner time I walked into the kitchen where he was putting the final garnishments on a baked potato. It was covered in cheese and sour cream and made my stomach rumble just to look at it…especially since I hadn’t eaten dinner and it was almost bedtime. He saw me drooling and handed it to me.

“Here, you can have it, I’ll make me another one.”

Not only did I take his food, but I knew then and there I wouldn’t have done the same for him. But I was too hungry to feel guilty.

Twenty years later and I still can’t say I’m that selfless. I really like baked potatoes. And as my kids will tell you, I rarely even share my soda with them. So in those areas I may not do so well, but I there are some others where I think I earn my title of “father.”

I have three teenagers and they each have their own computer. Tonight after work (working on a computer all day) I came home and sat down on my computer to take it easy and do some writing.

Curtis: “Dad, how can I set up my own WOW server?”

That sounds like a good project for Curtis. He’ll have to set up a MySQL database server, populate it with info, configure the mangos client. So I gave him some basic directions. Back to my writing…

Aubree: “Dad, the neighbors are controlling the TV again!”

A good project for Aubree. I gave her the manual for the Dishnetwork and showed her the page with the instructions to reprogram the remote to a new channel. She’ll learn something, have to follow technical directions…it’ll be good for her. Back to my writing…

Sandi: “Honey, I can’t transfer Oprah to the Archos.”

Sandi commutes three hours a day to work and is able to watch some of her TV shows on the bus. Sometimes the electronic devices don’t cooperate. I took the Archos and reinstalled the software and gave it back to her. I can’t just give the manual to Sandi on this one. Gotta do it myself. I got it working. Back to my writing…

Aubree: “Dad, I can’t do this!”

I heard a book fly across the room and hit the door. “Aubree, don’t throw stuff!” It’s not an easy process and she doesn’t have the technical interest I do, so I did it for her. Now back to my writing.

Curtis: “Dad, what do I need to download?”

Aubree: “Dad, the Internet is down.”

Dad: “Just a minute Curtis, I’ll look at the Internet.”

I started looking at the router, firewall, and the Yoggie, a new device we have in place that is supposed to protect us from viruses, malware, spyware, and other bad things.

Curtis: “Dad, the Internet is down.”

Aubree: “Dad, the Internet is still down.”

Dad: “I know! I’m working on it” (said with a bit of impatience).

After messing around with Yoggie, the Internet is back up. Back to my writing…

Curtis: “Dad, this isn’t working.”

Aubree: “Dad, is the Internet back up?”

Dad: “Yes, Aubree. Just a sec Curti, I’ll come take a look.”

I know someday I’m going to miss all these interruptions. The kids will be grown and gone and I’ll be sitting alone in a quiet house writing…and a part of me will be sad. I just have to remember that. I love these guys and enjoy having them around. I wish I could just be more patient with them. The sequel to my novel will have to wait a few more years, which is fine. I’m not getting any bites on my first one anyways. Even while trying to write this blog I had no less than ten more interruptions. One was from our cat, Elphie. Nothing says I have to be patient with the cat does it? I wasn’t, I pushed her right away. At least she doesn’t ask for a swig of my pop or my baked potato.

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5 thoughts on “Dad, the Internet is down!

  • By Grandma - Reply

    Well … you get the selfishness over the soda from me, that’s why.
    Love, Mom

  • By Kim N - Reply

    I teared up a little bit when I read about you, dad, and the baked potato because he did that exact same thing for me many many times. I have to admit that there may have been a smidge of timing and planning on my part to make it happen many many times. (shame) What a great dad!

    I loved reading about your night. I can so picture it and hear it all play out. You are a very patient father and husband and great guy!

  • By aubree - Reply

    daddd, you didnt hear the book hit the closet, you just saw it after =p

  • By Brett Nordquist - Reply

    This is a great post, Warren. I am quite certain that I’m not as patient as your dad or mine. I sometimes have to remind myself that many of the interruptions are kid’s way of getting my attention. Of course, I’d rather spend time with them than skim over Fark.com or write another blog entry to post to Twitter. Yet sometimes it’s hard not to want to be left alone after 12 hours at work. I think you’re a fantastic dad and I’ve learned a lot with how your interact with your kids.

  • By Lynn Henke - Reply

    Boy, I wish I could have a baked potato right now!
    This &%#$@ &%$# #@#$%@* Atkin diet !!

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