December 25, 2007, Category: Family, PhotoShow

Happy Holidays 2007!

We had a great year. A two week trip to Utah, numerous camping trips, a two week trip to Minnesota, and it’s all packed in this little picture show for you all to see! It was wonderful to spend so much times with you all. Everyone was so generous to let us stay in their homes, eat their food, and mess up their family rooms! It’s sad to live so far away from so many of you. But we think of you often and sure appreciate the times we can spend together.

If you are seeing this on the main page, click “read more” below to watch it here or click the title to bring it up in its own window. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

I’ll try and get my older shows converted to flash. But for the moment, you can watch them on my old website if you want. These should pop up in a new window.

Henke 2005 Holiday Pictures
Henke 2006 Holiday Pictures
Curtis 2006 Football

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