September 11, 2002, Category: Family

My Dad’s Wedding Ring

This morning while I was soaking in a nice hot tub and reading (rereading, actually), “The Simple Living Guide,” I noticed my wedding ring. First I looked at its color…golden. A golden band. Then I looked closely at the texture…and I jumped back 12 years in time.

Kim and I picked out the ring: a solid gold band, beveled edges, and a brushed texture over the surface. I remember really liking the texture. After our marriage, my parents were looking at my ring. “That’s almost exactly like yours, honey…” my mom said.

Like my dads ring? No way! I’ve seen my dads ring plenty of times. It looks nothing like my new wedding band! So I took a closer look. Nope, nothing like mine…his is shiny and polished…and the shape even looked a bit strange. Before I could answer, my mom chimed in again…

“Yea, that looks almost exactly like yours did when we bought it…before the designs wore off…” I took another look at his ring…ok, well, maybe. Not that it matters what they look like, but it was hard to imagine my dads ring ever looking anything like mine.

So, today in the tub, I took a good look at my ring. As I looked at my reflection in the gold surface, I was struck with emotion. My ring looks more like my dads now. The middle of the ring is smooth and shiny without any sign at all of designs or markings. There is, however, still some remains of the cross-hatch markings near the edges. It felt wonderful…sitting there smiling as tears streamed down my cheeks. That’s twelve years of marriage right there! The tears kept falling as I thought about the issues and trials Kim and I have faced together in the past twelve years. We have worked hard at our marriage. I also shed a few in honor of my dad’s 36 year old worn wedding ring. The thought that gets me the most, though, is the scary, sweet, touching, surprising, sad, happy, exciting, wonderful (and I’m still missing about 30 adjectives) reality that every day, my wedding ring looks more and more like my dads. I’m glad I’ve put a good shine to it.

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