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Hunting the Endangered Mako Shark

shortfin-mako-shark How can people get away with this? The Mako shark is endangered (see the Wiki article) yet in this video we see one caught and killed for a fishing contest. How about we just have a Bald Eagle huntathon…hey aren’t endangered anymore. I don’t understand how a threatened species can be killed so thoughtlessly? If you watch the video (which CNN placed on their front page), you see the shark swimming around the boat before it is hooked. They saw what it was and yet they still chose to hook and kill it. A creature that is threatened by extinction, hauled in for a $15,000 prize. That’s just wrong.

Am I missing something? Maybe that sport fisherman call them one of the more challenging catches because they jump and splash and fight. We wouldn’t want to take that fun away now would we? I guess that makes it okay. And of course their impressive fang laced mouth looks better hanging over a fireplace than swimming through our oceans. They kill swimmers too. The wiki article referenced above reports 8 attacks, 2 fatal. I guess we better remove them and every other animal that has killed at least 2 human beings.

This just upsets me. They didn’t have to kill this shark. I’m not opposed to fishing or hunting. I haven’t hunted in years but I do go fishing a couple times a year. But this is a creature that we are in danger of losing. And they had a good look at it before they chose to cut it down. And then they win a contest and are plastered on CNN and newspapers reveling in their glory. Obviously I’m in the minority here. What am I missing?

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5 thoughts on “Hunting the Endangered Mako Shark

  • By Warren - Reply

    Interesting. I wonder if CNN got some feedback about that video. Today they have one on how rapidly sharks, especially the Great White, are becoming endangered.

  • By daniel - Reply

    of course shark killing is wrong, but apart from the brutally, we have to think that if sharks dissapear, the ocean will be a mess, sharks are like the garbage men of the ocean, if there are no sharks, oceans will be filthy, dirty and impossible to control
    sharks should become protected species

  • By cerys - Reply

    does anybody know when the mako shark became endangered?

  • By Sue - Reply

    SHARK CARTILAGE DOES NOT CURE CANCER!! SHARKS DO GET CANCER!! Many shark species are on the brink of extinction bc of some horribly unethical & greedy pseudo-scientists – led by William I. Lane, who is neither an oncologist nor a marine biologist, but who has made an industry that pulls in about $25 million per year praying on desperate ppl and has helped to slaughter more than 100 million sharks. This despite numerous studies proving that sharks DO get cancer, and that taking shark cartilage pills or powder has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on cancer of any kind. In fact, taking it may interfere w more effective cancer treatments.
    It began w an observation that sharks seem to have a lower incidence of cancer as compared w other fish and that animal cartilage–from any animal– when injected into a tumor slowed the tumor’s growth SLIGHTLY by restricting blood flow. That’s it. THAT’S IT. Taking shark pills will not prevent cancer and will not cure cancer. The FDA finally forced them to remove those claims in 2000, but somehow ppl still believe it. This doesn’t go nearly far enough. Shark cartilage needs to be banned altogether. As apex predators, sharks are vital to the ocean’s ecosystem. Unlike other fish species, sharks have only 1 offspring at a time and mature more slowly. They can’t replace the numbers we’re taking, and 90% of species are gone. GONE.
    Look it up & see. Tell everyone you know.


  • By angie - Reply

    I love sharks i want to be a marine biologist and that is so wrong killing sharks is just WRONG

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