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The First Genius

prehistoric I stumbled across this article about prehistoric man and it caught my imagination. The theory is that 70,000 years ago humankind almost ended. After 100,000 years of living in small tribes, harsh conditions cut our numbers to a mere 2,000. We declared ourselves a critically endangered species. The postulate is that we then united, ended the stone age, and have ballooned to a super race of 6.6 billion.

I want to know the rest of the story…to the point that my mind starts to create it. Perhaps one of the most charismatic, intelligent, and innovative human beings ever to walk this earth will never be known. We love stories about heroes who have saved the world…just look at our movies, novels, and legends. But outside of theology, there hasn’t ever been one soul responsible for saving the world from destruction. No Superman, James Bond, or Austin Powers. No one person can take credit for saving us all…right?

What if 70,000 years ago a sole man or woman inspired a people beaten by poverty, hunger, disease, and war to radically change their ideals. This person not only introduced complex unorthodox solutions to our demoralized ancestors, he or she also organized and rallied them to action. This hero inspired confidence like rain brings life to the desert, and we flourished and changed. On the brink of destruction, we altered our course and pushed into uncharted territory. Now look at us…maybe he or she is turning in their grave.

At the very least, it makes for an interesting story. I’ll put it on the list of novels that I’d like to someday write…

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