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Glen Hamilton International Organization

imageI’m generally skeptical whenever anyone asks for money. Today I came across a charitable organization that, at first, appeared to come from a legitimate organization. They sounded different than the scams I have seen and they caught my interest. They had a nice website and were almost convincing.

I am registered on a website that helps pair up volunteers with charitable organizations needing help (http://www.idealist.org/). I’d like to be able to do some good in the world and this morning I was excited to get the following email which I assumed was from my contact information on the volunteer website.

Dear Warren,

My name is Harvey XXXXXX and I am the HR manager for Glen Hamilton Foundation. I have just found your information at one of the employment portal and I think that you would be interested in two job opportunities at Glen Hamilton Foundation: CSR (20 hours weekly) and Corporate CSR (30 hours weekly). Both positions involve a lot of responsibility, attentiveness and independence, but they are well rewarded. Annual incomes of CSR and Corporate CSR are US $32,400 and US $65,600, respectively.

Warren, if you are self-reliant enough to work at the convenience of your own home or office, and if you are a quick learner and ready to develop your customer service and management skills, please contact me and I will give you a very detailed account of these vacancies.

It sounded interesting to me, the type of thing I’d love to do so I Googled them and came up with nothing, which was a huge red flag. I went to the website in the email (www.ghamiltonhome.org). It looked and sounded great. The type of thing I’d absolutely love to be a part of…but I still wasn’t sold.

I did a whois on the domain name and my enthusiasm melted. The address was registered two weeks ago in China (http://whois.domaintools.com/ghamiltonhome.org). I went back and looked at the website closely. It says their main office is in the Netherlands and they have job openings in New York (but no New York contact information). Then I read some of the job descriptions and it infuriated me.

They are looking for people who will be paid out of commissions from the donations they process (7%). They also talk about how urgent it is to process each donation immediately so that that charity can be performed on time. First it appears they are preying on people’s desire to do good by soliciting donations. And second, they are getting other people to do their dirty work all under the guise of working for a charitable organization.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB, the Attorney General, sent the information to the Seattle Times, and notified idealist.com.

I would love to be wrong here because I would have been eager to help promote a cause like this. But from everything I have found, it’s a total fraud. But more than that, it’s a step up from the typical email frauds we have all grown to know and hate. They’ve built up a website and gone even further to trick people into doing their bidding. And they try and leverage our desire to help and do good in the world to do it. It really pisses me off.

Based on the evidence I’ve gathered…it looks like a total scam and I hate to think of the people they are tricking into giving money and lobbying for them. If I’m wrong about this…somebody let me know and I’ll be one of their biggest advocates.

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71 thoughts on “Glen Hamilton International Organization

  • By Jenna Butcher - Reply

    Ok so I was a little too late I was actually dumb enough so submit they application that they sent me. It didn’t ask for anything but my mailing address no personal info was required such as date of birth or social or anything but they give you a contract and everything. Its says that it will take 2 business days to process your application I hope I didn’t just do something really stupid.

  • By Warren - Reply

    Don’t worry, Jenna, you are fine. They will harass you via email and you will probably get a check in the mail. They will want you to deposit the check into your account and wire them them money. Don’t do it. Their check will bounce and once you wire the money, it’s gone forever and you have been hosed. They might try to make you feel guilty and even threaten you with legal action (oh the irony) saying you have the check and you have to send them the money. But you are safe and don’t have to do anything.

  • By Makazi - Reply

    Thank you so much Warren! They are now going under the name LChapmanFoundation.org. This is extremely painful as I am a young student and wanted so much to be a part of a company that builds homes for people. It sounded great so I sent all of my information (inc. SSN). I googled the site, but since this is new and they’ve changed their name to Luis Chapman Foundation I found nothing on this scam until after I sent my SSN and info and heard nothing back from them. This is actually quite painful since I was looking forward to my new position helping needing families. 🙁

  • By David Henke - Reply

    not only is Jenna safe, but she needs to turn in the check or money order to the police. This same scam happened to your cousin Stacey and she just about sent the money back! Luckily she figured that something was up and got it all straightened out. She had to turn it in to the police and then it went to like Home Land Security and they went after them. Great job on the info.

  • By Bill Royer - Reply

    Thanks Warren – good job

  • By Warren - Reply
  • By Kelly - Reply

    OH NOOOOO!!!! I’m an idiot! I actually filled out the “W-9” they sent me – WITH MY SS# – what do I do????

  • By Warren - Reply

    Kelly, don’t worry. They aren’t really after your SS#, they want your money. When they send you a check you might consider doing what David suggests and turn it into the police or send it to your Attorney General along with copies of the emails they have sent you.

  • By Harold - Reply

    Thanks a lot. I’m searching for a job and got the same pitch from Christopher XXXXXX. I yahoo’d the foundation name and thankfully got your site first. Thanks for saving me a lot of time and energy. But most of all, thanks, because I didn’t get my hopes up to be more than dashed. I could have been taken in this scam. May God Bless you in all your endeavors for good! If you need help of a office manager with IT and auditing backgound check me out on Monster.com
    Be Blessed and enjoy the day!

  • By Kelly - Reply

    I hope so – thanks for the vote of confidence in my stupidity! I was very careful to make copies of everything I submitted to them. I will definitely send it all in to the authorities! I’m so glad I read all of this before I deposited a check – then I would have been really upset. I can’t tell you how much this information has helped me – thank you so very much!!!

  • By Veronica - Reply

    Thanks for this information. I received the same e-mail, and same pay, same information about the application and contract. What a shame. People are looking for work on-line and these people are taking your information and trying to get innocent people excited about their bogus job offer.

  • By Pete - Reply

    Thanks for the information here. I also received the same e-mail and my research brought me here to your information. Just a note if you were to cash their check and wire the money you are responsible for the amount when it doesn’t clear. If you can’t cover the amount you could end up in big trouble with the law.

  • By Linda - Reply

    thanks! i got the same email…

  • By Robin - Reply

    Thanks, I received the exact same email

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Thanks, I just recieved one too.

  • By Shane - Reply

    I thought I was beyond getting suckered! I guess I really didn’t…but it’s only because I came across this website before I did. This was the only thing I found negative about this “company”. I quickly checked your data only to be red faced at the horror. I almost got got! Thank you for posting.

  • By Jim - Reply

    I have recieved the same email and followed up to the point of getting the contract agreement. It sounded too good to be true so I googled it and I see everyone is getting the same impression. It is a fake.

  • By Thomas Wood - Reply

    As someone who has worked with Non-Profits in the past and also loves to hear “MOVE THAT BUS!” I got an immediate emotional connection going after receiveing the same email and checking out the website. A few minutes on the website reading dated news and less than professional job postings and reason started to creep back in and take control. A trip to Goggle and this site as the first stop and I’m saddened by the reality that there are immoral people that prey on our good human natures – and for the good people that get caught up in these schemes. I also take heart and give thanks for people like Warren that are not only watchful but step up and offer to protect others. Thanks and God Bless

  • By Cindy Seigle - Reply

    I thank you for posting this warning also. I received mine on my 3rd e mail address. I’m just getting it now but it was originally sent to me on 8/7/09. My Senior HR Manager’s name was:Alexander Brooks. I went to check it out & found this blog…Thank You again !!! Best of everything to all of us who at least try…………..

  • By Sherri - Reply

    I got this same email on 7/31/2009 but “Ian White” lost me when he said “Your contacts were discovered at one of the online job portal.” I took my resume off all job portals due to getting constant calls & emails from scammers & (supposed) temp companies.

    “Ian” also said, “Sorry for the late reply, but we are urgently looking for contractors.” Late reply would mean I contacted them, which I didn’t. I have no idea how this scammer got my email as it’s one I haven’t given out to anyone & rarely ever use for anything.
    at present moment for different part-time positions.

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Not sure when but the website has been taken down. I noticed that people are still getting emails w/ it tho. Odd.

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