August 17, 2005, Category: Rants

Varmints and Garbage

This morning as I was leaving for work the garbage was scattered all over the place. It hasn’t happened for a long time…squirrels used to get in it in the Spring, but we got a new can that locks shut and since then it hasn’t been a problem. It may have been a raccoon this time. But, anyways, so as I was picking it up I wondered what they were after: not the moldy bagels, not the bacon that had gone bad, hmmm. I continued to pick up the slimy objects. I then came to a large empty can of refried beans…

I keep under the sink a big can to pour in all the excess grease, slime, fat, and sludge left over from cooking meat. I know this stuff can be recycled somehow, but I don’t generate much and I usually just throw the whole can away when it’s full…it takes a while. Some poor little creature ate a whole can of lard. Not a small can either (not the 16oz cans). This was the larger size. Not only that, it had been licked clean. I felt sorry for the little guy. Man, I thought, geez, I ought to walk around and see if I can find a sick little raccoon somewhere nearby. That much sludge in your gut can’t feel good…even to a scavenger, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

As I finished picking up the garbage I thought about my response and I was happy with myself. A few years ago somebody broke into my car and stole my CD Player. It was a piece of junk though. Not only didn’t it play CD’s, it scratched the hell out of them. I was like…oh man, I hope those idiots put in their favorite CD very first! But my auto reaction today was very different, not “that little varmint got what he deserved for digging through my garbage,” but “oh, the poor little guy.” And I’m glad that was my reaction. I like the little critters around my place…even if I have to pick up some trash once in a while. But not the case for the theives. I still hope my old CD player scratched their favorite CD.

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