July 26, 2005, Category: Rants

What Sucks about Corporate USA

I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated today with several aspects of workign for the man. Man, between corporate fraud and political lies…man, I just really get down sometimes. So I was feeling angry today and my girlfriend asked me to list ten reasons why I am so upset at corporate America…so here they are.

Oh, and by the way, I’m the first to admit I’m part of the problem because I make my living working for a paycheck. I don’t have a meaningful job. I just work to pay the bills and buy a few toys along the way. I could get by on a lot less…someday I know I will. I get closer to it every day.

Why Corporate America Sucks

  • People care more about money than people
  • Choices are made not by what is best for society, but what will increase share price
  • The industry promotes skills that are horrible when it comes to emotional development and relationships
  • The essence of business is to take advantage of others as much as possible for your own gain
  • We reward with money those who display behaviors and actions that are destructive to humanity
  • The meaning behind it is an illusion…..
  • The politicians who make laws are quite often driven by personal interests usually tied to corporate profit.
  • We live in a country controled by royalty….instead of a king and queen…it’s the money holders who make the choices
  • Not only do we encourage destructive emotional development, we discourage any sign of intimacy and vulnerability…..the good stuff
  • We, in general, place more value on business than on our own families
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