April 29, 2008, Category: Rants

What the hell were we thinking?

chance-dice-lottery-ticket-2-AHD Three things usually make me change the radio station. Any jewelry commercial, a DJ that launches into a commercial while making it sound like he’s just chatting casually with his listeners, or a Washington State lottery add.

The lottery is one of the greatest hoaxes the wealthy have ever pulled across on the lower classes. It’s like the authoritarian father telling his children they are not only going to clean out the toilet; they are going to enjoy it. The lower classes have been duped into paying all the taxes funded by the lottery and they defend their right to do it. We are so disillusioned that we don’t care that it’s a scam.

People often vote for what they feel is best for them individually regardless of its effect on society. It’s why we see litter on the ground, why crime exists, why Exxon is making record profits while the rest of the country is suffering a recession. Desperation drives people to extremes. Somebody watching their children starve is going to have a lot easier time stealing food than most of us. But the lottery transcends this logic. The lottery is the pathetic epitome of this warped mentality.

How many wealthy people buy lottery tickets? If a minimum wage worker ($8.07 in Washington State) buys a single $1 ticket each week, a million dollar a year CEO would have to purchase 60 to meet the poor mans contribution on an equal percentage bases. And given that most taxes increase in percent with higher income, the fair number of purchases would be closer to a thousand. That would help balance the fairness, but it would also increases the chances the winnings would be returned to the wealthy.

But why would a multimillionaire buy a lottery ticket, let alone several hundred a week? The truth is most tickets are purchased by less-educated and lower class people. The poor are paying the taxes. We get caught up in the dream of winning it big by media that blasts us with the fairytale stories of the winners and disregard the actual dismal chance of ever winning. It makes me sick. The sensationalized radio spots I hear make me want to vomit because it taunts the fact that the wealthy have their way with us. We buy their overpriced garbage and pay their taxes because of the media blitz. They manipulate and dangle us like puppets.

I don’t buy lottery tickets so I guess you could say I am also not paying my fair share of state taxes here in Washington. But I would be happy to pay if they would allocate the payments fairly. The stupid thing is that the lottery is so engrained in our culture I don’t see it changing any time soon. We look back and can see how unfair slavery was…I hope one day we look back at this rubbish and say, “What in the hell were we thinking?”

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