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Before you say, “I’ll never read a book on my phone,” read what I have to say. I’ll even give you some free eBooks to test. I’m converting my short stories to ePub eBooks and you can download them for free. I’ll explain how to do it. It’s easy. Try it out. I think you’ll like it.

Read Books On Your Phone? YES! Yay for eBooks!

My short story Slumber as a booklet on my iPhone.

Years ago when Amazon released the Kindle, I thought “No way.” It’ll never make it. Why would anyone read a book on a device? Stupid. We like to flip the pages. Hear the paper crinkle. Feel the book in our hands. I didn’t expect it to catch on–and I love technology!

Now I plow through books on my iPHone. I love always having something to read. Anywhere, anytime. My phone will even read them to me while I’m driving (unless I”m listening to an Audiobook. All from my phone. Now, I read one physical book to ten eBooks. I can see the words in the dark. I have twenty books with me all the time. Note: reading a book doesn’t drain your phone battery like playing games or browsing the internet.

And it all started because several years ago I wanted to start a book and couldn’t wait to pick up a hard copy. So try it once, and never looked back. I’ll help you try it once. Let me know if you like it.

These are some of the free eBooks on my website (short stories and preview chapters of my novels):

Click “Open in iBooks”


First, you need a program to read the books. The iPhone has one built in, called iBooks. If you have an iPhone, you can stop reading this blog right now and start reading a free eBook. Go to my Writing Page, and scroll down. Look for the gray button called “Download ePub.” I have it available on several of my postings. Click it. Bam. Your done.

Wait! I lied. You are almost done. Click Open in iBooks. Now you are done. I’ll transfer to iBooks, and open right up for you. Turn the page and start reading. When you stop, it’ll save your spot. Open iBooks when you want to read more. Easy as pie. If you use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc), the process might be slightly different. You may need to tell it you want to open the file in iBooks. Regardless, you should be reading on your phone in no time. Maybe you already are.

Windows Phone

If you run Windows Phone, wow. Congrats for hanging in there. I bailed on Windows Phone last year because I got tired of waiting for apps. Check out the free app Freda. I used to use it and really liked it. Since you are on a Windows Phone, you probably know how to do the rest. Download an ePub and read!

Books on my iPHone.


If you are on Android, install an eReader app. From my research, Aldiko seems to be one of the best. Once the app is installed, clicking on the ePub should open it automatically for you. I don’t have an Android so I can’t test it. Feel free to leave instructions in the comments if there are more tricks to it.

You can also read them on a PC. If you have a reader program, download the ePub and open it with your reader. Most browsers can’t open an ePub file, so right click the link and choose “Save As.” That will download the file and from there, you can do what you want with it. I know that’s not much help. Sorry. The focus here in on the phone–primarily the iPhone.

Keep in mind there are different types of eBooks. I publish my books in the ePub format, which along with mobi (the Kindle format), are the most common. Most readers will open both.

I have one more tip for iphone users:

How to take Notes in iBooks, and email them to yourself (or somebody else).

One reason I didn’t like eBooks was because sometimes I liked to highlight and take notes in the margins. I just didn’t think the phone would accommodate that. Ohhh, I was so wrong. It’s better. I can read, highlight, take notes and finish the book. It’s easy to send all the notes to my email address. I’ll get an email with whatever text I highlighted, and my note underneath. For doing research, or following up on ideas/thoughts, it is perfect. I can save my notes to my journal and expand on them if needed. Or whatever. I’m telling you, it is awesome. Here is how you do it:

  1. Touch a word and hold for a couple seconds. A menu appears.
  2. Adjust the blue sliders to include all text you want selected.
  3. Touch “Note.”
  4. Type in your Note and touch “Done.”
  5. Finish reading our book. Take more notes.
  6. Touch the Hamburger (top left). If no menu is on the screen, touch the top of the screen at it will appear. Yes, a “hamburger” is really what that is called.
  7. Touch the Share icon (top right).
  8. Touch “Edit Notes.”
  9. On the bottom left, touch “Select All.”
  10. On the bottom left, Touch “Share.”
  11. Select your email program. I’ve had problems with Outlook pulling in all the notes, so I suggest sticking with Mail (the iPhone built in App) for this one.
  12. All your notes appear in a draft email. Type an address and send it off!

Step 2 and 3. Adjust the sliders and touch Note.

Step 6: Touch the Hamburger (notice the arrow).

Step 7: Touch the Share Icon (notice the arrow).


If you are a writer, this is a great way to do some of the final edits on your work. Sit back, read your book, tap and make notes. If you are reading a self help book, excellent! When you make a grand personal discovery, jot a quick note and later you can explore the idea in your journals. If you are reading one of my books and find a mistake. Tap, make a note, and by jove, send it to me asap!


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