May 7, 2008, Category: Photography


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Kim got a new kitten and the kids brought her over for a day of kitty-sitting. It was tiny and cute…and since I put off taking pictures of Elphie too long (our cat is no longer a kitten), I decided I better shoot now or never. Her name is Bella and she loved napping in Sandi’s purse. She lives with a German Shepherd 50X her size. From what I understand, they get along well. A picture of the two of them together would be interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Kitty-Sitting

  • By Grandma - Reply

    Awwww, that is a cute kitty. I love her sweet little face.

  • By Kim N - Reply

    Oh my!! That is CUTE CUTE CUTE! Cute kitten and fabulous picture. It should be a poster or on a calendar.

  • By Brandon - Reply

    Nice one! Looks a lot like our current cat did as a kitten. We have sworn off long-haired cats forever though. Hairballs are simply wrong.

  • By Angela - Reply

    Just cuddlesome

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