February 9, 2008, Category: Photography

Stolen Thrice

I took this pictures several years ago in our backyard. Last year I hung it in cubicle at work (along with many others). A week or so later it was gone. I reprinted it, a little bit larger this time, and put it back. Within days somebody had once again taken it down. I printed an 8×10 and hung it further back in my cube, thinking it would be safer further from the hallway. No such luck. Once again, somebody stole it.

Stolen Spider

I don’t know if somebody is freaked out by it or what, but it irrigates me that someone at my office thinks they can just take my stuff. If they have a problem with the picture, they should ask me to remove it. If they would like a copy, I’d be more than happy to print them one. My buddy at work says I should set up a webcam and us a motion sensor program to find out who it is. I think I might do it. Haha, then I should post the video here!

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One thought on “Stolen Thrice

  • By Kim N - Reply

    That is lame! I can’t believe someone would just take it. I think you should make it your screensaver and background on your computer so they can’t touch it.

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