January 18, 2008, Category: Photography

What is this?


I took this shot a few years ago. Any guesses?

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8 thoughts on “What is this?

  • By Kim N - Reply

    Okay, I won’t say because I already know and that would be cheating, but again…ewwww!

  • By Grandma - Reply

    I know but I won’t tell … yet.

  • By Kaitlyn - Reply

    Ewwww. Do you know what it is?

  • By Kaitlyn - Reply

    It kinda looks like a messed up wart. Or a messed up toe nail……It’s on a hand or foot or skin. But I guess maybe someone just picked it up

  • By Grandma - Reply

    Okay, I’m telling … it’s a ward beaking through skin and it gives me the shivers!

  • By Grandma - Reply

    Meant to say a wart not a ward. A ward would be much larger.

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  • By The Fire Station on the Way to Work - Reply

    It is a shot of superman’s hideout from a distance

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