July 19, 2005, Category: Book Reviews

Life of Pi

b31.jpgI have to bite my tongue and not say a few things that I’d love to say…but it might throw off the ending for you if you haven’t read the book yet. The ending really brings up a good question though…and I think I agree with Pi and I was touched by how the investigator wrote his report of the story. You know…well, dang. I guess I can’t say that….I really enjoyed a lot of the thoughts Pi shared with throughout the story. I was especially found of his amusing theory on zoo’s….how the ideal zoo makes the fence the exact point where the animals territory ends and the human’s territory beings.

I love animals, religion, philosophy, fiction, and adventure….so I loved this book. My only regret is finishing it. My daughter Aubree goes through the same sort of remorse when she finishes a book, sad we can’t keep reading. I loved spending time with Pi floating out on the ocean.

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