September 16, 2002, Category: Movie Reviews

American Beauty

American BeautyWithin a week after watching American Beauty, I quit a job that I absolutely hated. This was my show. My life was about being mentally and emotionally sedated while I dragged myself from day to day and this inspired me to try to make some changes. I say try because although changing jobs helped, it didn’t fix everything. It’s going to take a while. But this goes down as one of my all time favorites. I laughed and cried.It felt real. The characters seemed like human beings with frustrations and problems like me. We all live and struggle in this world. We all cry. We all feel insecure. But so often I suffer alone in my fears and imperfections by burrying them as deep as possible. It’s torture. We need more courageous people to speak honestly and openly about our shadows. We need less bragging, gloating, blaming, and criticizing and more frank, open, vulnerable honesty. Like this show.

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