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SpecialI wasn’t happy when I saw a trailer for this movie last year because it was eerily close to the plot of the book I had started writing several months prior. It’s an independent film and it took months before I was able to finally get it from Blockbuster. I actually requested it because they hadn’t picked it up yet and within a couple weeks it showed up in their database and then in my mailbox.

It had a surreal feeling feeling to me. A drab world. Short camera shots that capture simple everyday events and string them together to paint a depressing meaningless place. Our hero, in an attempt to escape the void, signs up to test an experimental drug and gains special powers.

As his life takes on new meaning and he strives to use his powers for good, we watch his antics play out in the same old boring world the movie opened with. As a result, I found myself laughing without smiling. There is both humor and tragedy buried in every scene that seem to blend like a sweet and sour sauce. The end result is confusingly interesting, thought provoking, and highly entertaining.

The show ended and I realized I felt empty, but in a good way. Everything that had been on my mind earlier in the day had been drained away and I just sat on the couch feeling free and peaceful. I like it when shows do that to me.

I’m sure my take on it is far from objective, I mean, I have been working with this idea for over a year now. Although there are a lot of similarities, my book is different enough that I think maybe there is still a chance I can get a publisher to pick it up.

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  • By Kim N - Reply

    I will have to watch this. I like shows that leave me thinking and wanting more too. Didn’t you recommend “Le Enfent” to us? That is one of my favorites and we still talk about it months after we watched it.

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