September 25, 2003, Category: Movie Reviews

The Believer

the-believer.jpgWow, Ryan Gosling gives an amazing performance. This was an intense show which made me think of a bunch of different things; prejudice, cruelty, fear, Speaking out, fighting for your rights, and being assertive. On the outside, this show looks addresses these issues. But I thought the show was more about …beliefs. Specifically, in this case, beliefs about God. Do we question or don’t we? Do we hold on or let go? Do we sit passive or fight? Do we believe…or not? Maybe we just wish we didn’t believe….or maybe we hate ourselves because we do. Or, maybe we turn that hate towards the people who tried to convince us to believe in the first place? Now we hate them because we don’t want to believe…but we can’t help it.Along these lines, the show gave me some good food for thought. I feel pretty clean about growing up and changing my beliefs. I don’t feel anger or hatred, but watching this show made me look at it a bit and at least ask some questions of myself…I know it did make me upset about always being so passive in so many areas of my life.

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