February 21, 2008, Category: Movie Reviews

The Wooden Camera

wooden camera If you know me, you’ll quickly understand why I loved this movie. It’s set in South Africa (hoe gaan dit my maat..dang I’m rusty), involves a boy’s passion with his camera, has a cast of troubled youth, addresses poverty, and has plenty of emotional drama. Two young friends find a dead body. One takes his gun, the other his video camera, and they each make use their new toys around the city. As a result, they branch into new directions in their lives which occasionaly cross throughout the movie, creating a nice conflict as the two friends face off from different sides of the track. A young white girl, carrying her own share of issues, becomes involved and introduces a nice flare of romance which does not bode well with her racist father.

This movie sparked several pages of journal writing for me. It touched on teenage issues, the inhumanity of poverty, and the whole Carpe Diem philosophy: what the hell am I doing with my life…wake up Warren! I enjoyed this show and it left me feeling flustered with some of the evils in the world but thankful for the life that I enjoy. I’d have to say watching this show helped make me a better person…or at least wanting to be a better person. Shows that can do that are certainly worth watching.

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  • By Grandma - Reply

    We’ll have to watch this one … I don’t think we have but you know my memory. If we have and I’ve forgotten it will be fun watching it again!

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