Trudge On, Soul

The icy wilderness of Alaska is the perfect place to lose yourself. But Warren doesn’t want to lose himself. He wants to lose someone else.

Mandalas Catalyst

For the first sixteen years of his life, Prince Jasper has revered the stranger who saved them from destruction thirty years prior, a man known only as the Guide. But he’s afraid of his buried thoughts and burning questions. Have his parents and the Guide lied to him? He voices his concerns and is instantly shunned by everyone he loves.


What if there was a pill that made you dream an entire lifetime overnight? Would you take it?

The Sexual Dysfunctions of Planet Zeronius

One night while lamenting my stack of rejections from contests, agents, and publishers, I had a thought. What if a struggling, unknown writer was notified they had won an inter-galactic writing contest?

The Barbarian and the Butcher

A father raises his son in solitude to keep him safe from the ignorant fear of the townsfolk. The last thing he needed was his young barbarian unwillingly destroying an entire village. He teaches Broan how to manage his red hot temper and appears successful. But a dark twist of fate tempts the monster to break free for vengeance. Can Broan save his humanity or will he let loose the savage?

The Curse

A young child struggles with depression and the impact it has on everyone around him. The desperate villagers take him to a wise sage to ask for relief from the darkness.

The Mourning

It can be so easy to judge the cultures and beliefs of others as barbaric or ignorant. So I tried to come up with one of the most repulsive things I could think of and make it cherished.

A Tale of Two Trees

This is a short story that I intended to be a children's picture book. Two trees search for happiness and meaning as their lives follow different paths. Competition, compassion, and At the end of the story, I have provided information behind the self esteem and parenting philosophies that I used in the plot and character development.

The Prostitute

pros·ti·tute a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money. to sell or offer (oneself) as a prostitute. to put to any base or unworthy use: to prostitute one's talents. How often are you a prostitute?

My buddy, Mike, and I took our motorcycles and traveled 6,800 miles on a crazy Alaska Adventure. We saw over 30 bears, 10 or so whales, a handful of sea lions, puffins, porpoise, 3 moose, and 3 caribou. We watched (and heard the thunder of) several tons of ice crash into the ocean off a 600 foot high glacier. We stood on ice 4,000 feet thick at 8,000 feet on the tallest mountain in North America. We rode and camped in sun, rain, heavy fog, wind, rain, and more rain. We explored pavement, dirt, rocks, gravel, and mud as slick as ice. It's all here for you to read about.

Alaska on Motorcycles

Mikayla and I rented a car and spent two weeks driving up and down mountains in Greece. We asked questions of the Oracle, went scuba diving on the island of Corfu, and explored many ancient cities as we learned about Greek history and mythology.

Greece with Mikayla

In 2009, my 18 year old daughter, Aubree, and I took our backpacks and train passes to Europe. For two weeks we hiked and rode trains from Rome to Barcelona. Without advance reservations or a set itinerary, we drifted anywhere the wind carried us (which one night meant we were homeless and slept on a sidewalk in France).

Italy, France, and Spain with Aubree

This is the first entry of the trip I took with my 14 year old son, Curtis, to South Africa in 2008. We rented a car and explored the Kruger Park, camped in the bush with two rangers (where during our hikes we were charged by an elephant and saw all manner of wildlife, including lions). We also spent a couple of days in a private game reserve and wrapped up our trip in Johannesburg and Soweto.

South Africa with Curtis

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  • Day 10: Leaving Corcovado National Park posted on Jan 14, 2017. Category:Costa Rica

    Nito leaves without us, and we wait for better weather so a plane can land to fly us out. There are no guarantees, and we could spend days at Sirena if the clouds don’t lift. Another family is ahead of us in line. They were supposed to leave yesterday.

  • Day 9: Sirena Ranger Station, Corcovado posted on Jan 12, 2017. Category:Costa Rica

    The Corcovado exceeds our expectations: rodents, animals, birds, insects, critters, plants, formations, trees, lizards, flowers, sharks, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys—the day is packed with jungle life. Well, except maybe the sharks. Maybe. You decide.

  • Day 8: Hiking the Corcovado, Costa Rica posted on Jan 11, 2017. Category:Costa Rica

    Plenty of drama on the deserted, fantasy-like beaches of the Corcovado. I almost kill my brother. My wife projectile vomits over six feet, which I think is a world record. And I nearly slice off the back of my foot as we trek fourteen miles through the most bio-diverse place on the planet (according to National Geographic). Crocodiles, monkeys, parrots, wild pigs, and a rescue operation to save twelve baby turtles. All on the first day of our three-day Corcovado adventure.