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In 2009, my 18 year old daughter, Aubree, and I took our backpacks and train passes to Europe. For two weeks we hiked and rode trains from Rome to Barcelona. Without advance reservations or a set itinerary, we drifted anywhere the wind carried us (which one night meant we were homeless and slept on a sidewalk in France).

Europe 2009

european-vacation Aubree (my 17 year old daughter) and I are nearly 90 days away from our trip to Europe. Like Curtis last year, this is her trip. Mikayla still isn’t sure where she wants to go (I promised them each a trip one-on-one with dad). It hasn’t been easy to follow through, financially, but it’s working out. And based on my experiences last year with Curtis, it is one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made.

It has been stressful to plan this one. I knew South Africa: what to do, where to go, how to get around…last year took a lot of planning, but at least it was easy in the sense of deciding what to do. All I know about the Italy trip is that we’ll land in Rome and fly out of Barcelona 12 days later. Buying the tickets is the only concrete planning I’ve done so far. We picked up some library books, researched online, and have ideas…but I’m not prepared.

I would never have gone to Europe. I love Africa too much and would rather spend my time and money there. So in that sense, Aubree is forcing out of my comfort zone and I’ll get to experience something new. I enjoy history, museums, scenery, and new places so I know it will be a fantastic experience. But it’s really stressful to try and get it planned out.

Ireland was easy to visit without planning. Rent a car and take off, drive until tired, stay at a Bed and Breakfast. I don’t know if we’ll find that this time. Plus we’ll be riding trains and carrying backpacks. The current plan is 3 days in Rome, 3 in Florence, 1 in Venice, a train ride through the alps and a night in Switzerland. Then on to Nice, Monaco, and, finally, to Barcelona.

We won’t be hitting Northern/Eastern Europe and our primary focus is Italy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Europe 2009

  • By Trisha - Reply

    Oh my goodness! You guys are going to love it! My best friend and I toured London and France when we were 17. I wish I could go back someday. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • By Jenny Hancey DeCow - Reply

    Wow!!! You are one cool Dad!!

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