September 9, 2002, Category: Poetry

This is a result of my search for meaning. It is who I am. Who I strive to be.

The Writer’s Creed

I am a writer
I have a talent for being objective and listening
I have a talent for feeling emotions and empathizing
I have a talent for understanding
I have a talent for organizing ideas and describing the senses

I can create heroes and villains
I can offer an escape to a mystical far away land
I can encourage or comfort
I can teach, question, and challenge
I can inspire and motivate
I can touch hearts,
or I can prick them

I know what people want to hear
I know what they don’t want to hear
I know there is a time for each

I will illuminate unseen worlds and introduce strangers
I will take people to dark and scary places
I will show them the pains and difficulties of the world
I will show them the beauty and sweetness of life
I will challenge ideas, thoughts,

and beliefs
I will encourage the brotherhood of man

I will share my soul with the world
I am a writer.


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3 thoughts on “The Writer’s Creed

  • By Caroline - Reply

    Hi Warren,

    I love what you’ve written. I’m a grade 8 teacher in Toronto, Canada and I’d LOVE to copy your poem and give it to my students as a handout to glue onto the cover of their writing journals. I googled “writer’s creed” and this was the best that I found. Do you mind? I will put your name on the bottom of the poem and include your blog URL, and of course, tell the kids how I stumbled upon this. My hope is that your words inspire them because they inspired me!

    Caroline O’Keefe

  • By Warren - Reply

    Of course…that sounds wonderful and I am flattered 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  • By Kem Royale - Reply

    Outstanding, well applied. Bravo
    And I thought the one I just authored was profound. Doubt!

    We have no time for passivity.  We put 100% into our craft.   We want our projects to succeed to fruition. We Keep Writing. 

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