On Writing

4618294_sI’ve published two novels (see below) and a handful of short stories. My short story, Slumber, won a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writer’s of the Future contest (2015).

My first poem, “The Dream,” was published when I was in second grade by the district PTA. I felt cool seeing my poem in the newsletter. Then I had writer’s block for thirty years. My writing was technical or business oriented. Business plans, feature specifications, tutorials, white papers, marketing content. Nothing that mattered. Stephen King changed that for me.

I love the super-short story. They have the symbolism and obscurity of poetry built with the mechanics of a story. Reading my stories might make you question my sanity. Don’t worry because you won’t be alone. I have some strange ideas.

The power of storytelling is one of humanity’s greatest tools (and, unfortunately, weapons).

“To know the art of impressing the imagination of crowds is to know at the same time the art of governing them…crowds have always undergone the influence of illusions. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master.” (Le Bon, 1895)

I find writing not only purposeful, but exciting and addictive. I can escape into my imagination for hours on end where I am the creator. I wish I could do it all day long. Wanna write your own story? I started writing 10 Tips for Creating Awesome Stories a while back. It’s still not done. There are five tips. If you get that far and want more, let me know.

I’ve started publishing my short stories and novel preview chapters as free eBooks (much easier to read). Click or scroll down to learn more. Don’t know what to do with an eBook? Click here for info.


Mandala’s Catalyst

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Jasper knows something is wrong, but everyone else seems blind to a spreading oppression. When his questions are met with hostility, his suspicions are confirmed: the cherished leader of Gardone is not what he seems. Now running for his life, Jasper must find a way to uncover and expose the truth.

Trudge On, Soul

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The icy wilderness of Alaska is the perfect place to lose yourself. But Warren doesn’t want to lose himself. He wants to lose someone else. But in the Alaskan wilderness, Warren finds that getting rid of someone isn’t so easy.

“I know nothing about motorcycles and even less about Alaska. And while Warren describes both in detail, I never felt like an idiot because the story he shares is something I could relate to. It’s about adventure and friendship and heartbreak and belief and doubt and maybe even redemption. Nothing is simple and Warren doesn’t wrap his experience in a neat bow which I found rare and refreshing. Few books have made me reflect on my life and choices as often as this book. There are a lot of ideas to chew on here. Pick up the book and start reading it. You will not regret it.” (From Goodreads)

Short Stories

A Tale of Two Trees

Two trees search for happiness. Despite being nearly identical, their paths follow different paths. At the end of the story, see information regarding the self-esteem and parenting philosophies used in the story.

An End to Despair

What happens when a terrorist of the future is depressed because his career isn’t progressing as he hoped?

Dream Carnage

What cost do we pay for childhood expectations, hopes, dreams that change and evolve as we grow? This story, based on a dream, offers some insight.

I was Jesus

A man struggles with the realization that as a human being, he is capable of both beautiful and horrific acts.

My Friend, Satan

A man fails in his search for content and meaning until he confronts his demons.

Roxanne Tarnished

A decent man snaps when he catches his wife cheating on him.

Sleek Black Train

Have you ever been hit by a train? My guess is, Yes. It can be brutal and life changing. I wrote this after one of my own train wrecks.


I have a pill. It will make you dream an entire, vivid lifetime overnight. You’ll never be the same. Do you take it? This story won a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writer’s of the Future contest. Friedrich Nietzsche: “What we experience in dreams — assuming that we experience it often — belongs in the end just as much to the over-all economy of our soul as anything experienced…” Read online or download the free eBook (best for mobile devices).

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The Butcher

A half-barbarian child is taught to control his rage by a loving father and later, a gentle wife. His tainted blood remains hidden from villages who would destroy him. When his father, wife, and child, are murdered, he must face his destiny. Does he loosen release the monster inside, or honor the promise of peace made to his wife? Read online or download the free eBook (best for mobile devices).

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The Curse

A young child struggles with depression and the impact it has on everyone around him. The desperate villagers take him to a wise sage to ask for relief from the darkness.

The Last Laugh

Three paragraphs–the shortest story I’ve ever written. A bully. An unstable victim. The fallout.

The Mourning

It can be so easy to judge the cultures and beliefs of others as barbaric or ignorant. I tried to come up with one of the most repulsive things I could think of, and make it cherished. Did it work?

The Prostitute

a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money. to sell or offer (oneself) as a prostitute. to put to any base or unworthy use: to prostitute one’s talents. How often are you a prostitute?

The Sexual Dysfunctions of Planet Zeronius

Tim Harrison , a wannabe writer with absolutely nothing published anywhere ever, gets a visit from Felix Bartholomew: a short, orange-eyed man with a red afro. One of Tim’s short stories, Felix claims, has won a major, intergalactic writing contest. Then things get crazy.

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The Search for God

I could write 30 pages about how my religious philosophy shifted from devout Mormon to agnostic. Instead I will encrypt it in the following eleven lines.

The Writer’s Creed

This is a result of my search for meaning. It is who I am. Who I strive to be.


Triple Entry Accounting

This was my Masters thesis, an argument against using traditional financial statements for predicting future revenue. If we drove cars like we use financial statements, we would drive down the road by looking out the back window.

Zen Photography in 10 Steps

This article is a blend of my photography philosophy embedded with several quick tips on how to take better pictures.

Children’s Stories

Am I Sleeping Again?

This is one of the first stories I wrote. I like the idea of the story and I keep thinking I should rewrite it. It’s not well written but could be a series of short stories. Kids seem to like it.


A Christmas story for my kids. It’s a decent story though, if you like cheesy feel-good stories that play on your emotions.