Costa Rica with Sandi

Sandi and I spend two weeks in Costa Rica: backpacking in Corcovado National Park, hiking in Montezuma, relaxing in Tamarindo, and soaking in hot springs near the Arenal Volcano. I nearly kill my brother on our camping trip, and Sandi perfects her Marge Simpson groan. It's all here for your enjoyment (and my humiliation).

Alaska on Motorcycles

My buddy, Mike, and I took our motorcycles and traveled 6,800 miles on a crazy Alaska Adventure. We saw bears, whales, sea lions, moose, and more. We watched and heard the thunder of ice crashing into the ocean. We stood on ice 4,000 feet thick on the tallest mountain in North America. We rode and camped in sun, rain, heavy fog, wind, rain, and more rain. It’s all here for you to read about.

Greece with Mikayla

Mikayla and I rented a car and spent two weeks driving up and down mountains in Greece. We asked questions of the Oracle, went scuba diving on the island of Corfu, and explored many ancient cities as we learned about Greek history and mythology.

Italy, France, and Spain with Aubree

In 2009, my 18 year old daughter, Aubree, and I took our backpacks and train passes to Europe. For two weeks we hiked and rode trains from Rome to Barcelona. Without advance reservations or a set itinerary, we drifted anywhere the wind carried us (which one night meant we were homeless and slept on a sidewalk in France).

South Africa with Curtis

In 2008, my son Curtis and I traveled to South Africa. We rented a car and explored the Kruger Park, camped in the bush with two rangers (where we were charged by an elephant, faced off with Rhinos, and tracked lions). We also jump off a cliff together, play with lion cubs, and pet a cheetah. We wrap up our trip with a visit to one of the poorest parts of Soweto.

Warren is honored to join his buddy Mike on a motorcycle trip to scatter the ashes of Mike's father in beautiful, wild Alaska. Along the way, both Warren and Mike struggle with the manifestations of strong emotions. For Warren, this comes in the form of Harvey, a wheedling voice that immobilizes him with its constant reminders about danger. For Mike, it comes in the form of the Haines Strangler, a fictional villain intent on thwarting the trip. As they press forward, Harvey and the Haines Strangler teach them a profound lesson about emotion and understanding.

Trudge On, Soul (Novel)

A stranger ended generations of war and bloodshed by leading the kingdom of Gardone to victory. For thirty years, the beloved man known only as The Guide has preached, directed, and ruled. When The Guide honors Jasper and his family, Jasper’s eyes begin to open. Perhaps the cherished leader is not what he appears.

Mandala's Catalyst (Novel)

I have a pill. It will make you dream an entire, vivid lifetime overnight. You’ll never be the same. Do you take it?

Friedrich Nietzsche: “What we experience in dreams — assuming that we experience it often — belongs in the end just as much to the over-all economy of our soul as anything experienced…”

Slumber (Short Story)

A wannabe writer with absolutely nothing published—anywhere or ever—gets a strange visitor. A short, orange-eyed man with a red afro claims he’s one an intergalactic writing contest. Then things get crazy.”

The Sexual Dysfunctions of Planet

Zeronius (Short Story)

A half-barbarian child is taught to control his rage by a loving father and, later, a gentle wife. His tainted blood remains hidden from villagers who would destroy him. When his father, wife, and child, are murdered, he must face his destiny. Does he loosen release the monster inside, or honor the promise of peace made to his wife?

The Butcher (Short Story)

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    Metallica: from the Snake Pit

    Metallica rocked Seattle on August 9, 2017. I was right up front for an experience in the Snake Pit that I still can’t quite believe happened. I stood, at times, inches from James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo while they performed live for a packed Century Link arena. Read on for pictures, video, and a recap of a night never to be forgotten. All pictures and short video clips were taken with my iPhone.

    Day 13: Destination Home, hopefully…

    Our journey home. Can an empty water bottle get me thrown into a Panamanian jail? Maybe. Read on to find out…

    Day 12: Driving at Night in Costa Rica

    On our final day in Costa Rica was spent soaking in hot springs. We learn an important lesson the hard way. Almost every travel tip says do not drive in Costa Rica at night. Read on if you’d like to know why…

    Day 11: Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

    Hot Springs surround the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. As one of the world’s most active volcanoes, it has often spouted lava and rumbled throughout the night (something I hoped to experience). Our scenic mountain drive through coffee fields and villages is a great lead-up to our stay at The Springs, a luxury hot Spring Resort in the shadow of the giant, lava-covered peak. Read on for details and pictures…