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Mikayla and I rented a car and spent two weeks driving up and down mountains in Greece. We asked questions of the Oracle, went scuba diving on the island of Corfu, and explored many ancient cities as we learned about Greek history and mythology.

Greece with Mikayla

An full album of pictures from our trip is available here.

beautiful-greece9Mikayla has spoken: Greece and Turkey.

It’s a lot of work planning out these trips because we don’t do an organized thing. We do the whole thing from scratch, something I think can be compared to building your own house without a contractor. We are on our own…which is quite intimidating. But I’m getting better at it. Experiences like sleeping on the sidewalk in France and getting chased by an elephant in South Africa have helped me realize that things will work out. One way or another, things work out.

This will fulfill the promise I made to my kids several years ago, a one-on-one trip with each of them to wherever in the world they wanted to go. It has turned out to be one of the best ideas I ever had. The times spent with Aubree in Europe and Curtis in Africa are beyond words…and pictures. Two solid weeks alone with each of my kids, experiencing new things, learning new things…it’s an amazing opportunity. I am so grateful to be in a position where I can do this with them and to have a supportive wife.

So for any of you that have been to Greece or Turkey, please pass on your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. We’ll be heading out in September!

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3 thoughts on “Greece with Mikayla

  • By Mikayla - Reply

    I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Grandma Henke - Reply

    I’m sure you will have another amazing trip. Mikayla, you chose well. Are you studying up on your history so you will be prepared when you see the awesome sites? You better practice doing a lot of walking, too. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  • By Grandma Henke - Reply

    It’s getting so close now! I’m excited for you both … a little nervous like I always get when you travel so far away! I think you are very brave to go to Greece without knowing a whole lot what to expect as a traveler. It is too intimidating for me! Just be safe! That’s all I care about is that you are safe!

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