This section is way outdated. I have seen tons of great movies that I haven’t reviewed. Yes, I’m dropping the ball here.

I love good books and good movies. Fantasy, Science fiction, self-help, drama, philosophy…just about anything. My favorite are ones that leave me thinking about life.  I like mining for metaphors, sifting through symbolism, and staring wide-eyed with my hands over my mouth as tears steam down my face.

A good movie or book might play in my mind for days. It might offer insight and changes my life in some way.  I watch and read a lot of lousy material searching for the good ones.  These are some of the ones that did it for me. If they are on this list, I think they are well worth reading or watching. I won’t even post a review for a movie or book that doesn’t get two thumbs up. I also don’t post reviews for the blockbuster movies even though I might have loved them. I’ll try and stick to the independent or lesser known movies.

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